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Gentech marketing and distribution Pvt Ltd instituted in 1996 with the vision to support medical research and education by marketing, installation, commissioning, technical and service support of gold standard equipment’s from all over the world under one umbrella. Since last two decades our technical and marketing experts are relentlessly assisting our esteemed customers from defense research labs, research institutes   and industrial R&D. We are also serving academia including universities, medical, and engineering and pharmacy colleges all over India. We continue to be a leader in marketing and technical support of sophisticated equipment’s required in Neurobiology, Psychology, Physiology and Pharmacology fields all over India. We believe in contributing to 21st Century India through skill development and research furtherance in these fields by our approachable competent technical and marketing experts.

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Biopac Systems

BIOPAC- Inspiring People and Enabling discovery About life

  • Research Equipment
  • Education/ Teaching Equipment
  • Data Acquisition & Analysis
  • Acqknowledge Software
  • Virtual Reality/Immersive
  • Eye Tracking
  • Applications


Any-Maze is ideal for automating our line of mazes, behavior & pain analgesia Instruments

  • Any-Maze Behavioral Tracking Software
  • Orofacial Pain Assessment Device (OPAD)
  • Any-Maze Fear Conditioning
  • Elevated Plus Maze
  • Plantar Test

Stoelting Stereotaxic

STOLETING is your source for Stereotaxic, Neuroscience and Behavior Research Instruments.

  • Ultra Precise Stereotaxic Instruments
  • New Standard Stereotaxic Instrument
  • Microwave Brain Fixation 
  • Animal Identification Rodent Ear Tags


High definition oscillometry“ for use in animals

Enhanced non-invasive diagnostics: - More valuable diagnostic data in addition to blood pressure values - all in one device

Technical benefits: - Connects to a computer system for visualisation using the MD Software

Areas of use for HDO BPM measurement: - HDO units for everyday medical use

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